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I offer consulting and services for the development of economic cooperation with Arab countries, especially in North Africa. Since many years I have investigated this region concerning the potential of economic cooperation. By doing so, I have identified project fields and found local partners , institutions and governments for cooperation. In the same time I have created a network of German partners, companies, and institutions, that are interested in this cooperation. My performance is directed to different project fields and concrete projects and includes advice and consulting for governments and administrations, communities, companies and farmers and suitable institutions for education and research. The current main partners are Morocco and Tunisia. In order of my clients will be included further countries of this or other regions.

I have identified the following project fields:
  • looking for and evaluation of local and regional development potentials

  • investigation, sustainable exploitation and use of water resources, inclusive unconventional resources like: desalinated water, rain water, geothermal water, treated waste water

  • investigation and sustainable exploitation and processing of mineral resources

  • development of sustainable agriculture in the whole value chain in the context sustainable agriculture − sustainable water resources management − use of renewable energy − sustainable development of rural areas

  • open up of development potentials for sustainable development of rural areas

  • sustainable development of housing estates and infrastructure as well as sites for industry, trade, health services, recreation and tourism

Basically I offer my service for all projects that are based on following principles: In close cooperation with local people and decision makers of cooperating countries will be given an active contribution for the development of sustainable and equivalent living conditions on a high level while sustainable using of natural resources and protecting the environment, improving the living standard and ensuring regional cultural characteristics.
The economy will be organized to support these goals and will be based on qualitative growth. Basis and frame of the regional economic development are the needs of the local people and the sustainable use of natural resources.
Innovative sustainable development offices from local people and national and international companies and research institutions give the structural frame for the sustainable site specific socioeconomic- ecological development.


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