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Offer Services

(1) Advice for governments, organizations, municipals, farmers and companies for qualitative sitespecific socioeconomic development
  • development of conceptions and project proposals for private, communal, national and regional projects
  • investigation, evaluation and sustainable management of natural resources (mineral resources, oil and gas, water, soil and ground, landscape, plants, potentials for solar and wind energy)
  • sustainable site planning and project development

(2) Market and Project studies, project drafts
  • In order of my clients we offer these services, under close cooperation with local partners. In doing so, we identify the potentials and frame and development conditions for conrete projects and project fields and provide tasks and feasibility studies.

(3) Project services at place, based on local project offices with integrated local partners (innovative sustainable platforms for development)

    (a) establishment of local project offices and cooperation networks with local, German and international partners

    (b) project preparation:
    • development and specification of tasks for projects
    • cooperation with governments and administrations in the target regions; obtaining of necessary permissions
    • identification, use and support for national development and funding programs in the target regions
    • looking for and involvement of suitable local and international project partners
    • organisation of further training for the local partners at place

    (c) project development:
    • by order of local principals projects will be developed and implemented

    (d) project implementation:
    • logistic support and services for principals and project partners (coordination, information, communication, documentation, supply of materials and equipment, training, interpreting and translation, organisation of education and further training)
    • initiating and accompanying of research projects
    • project accompanying advice in cooperation with specialists

    (e) organisation of further training and training for local partners , in cooperation with local institutions (inside and outside of the projects)

    (f) coordination of research projects

    (g) development of partnerships between German and local people with the goal of close cooperation in training, project development and research


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